I Like Me For Me: Why I’m Embracing My Flaws

Henrik Purienne

  I recently participated in an Instagram challenge titled "#exPOSEyourself." I expected it to be all about yoga, posing, and posting photos just like every other one I've done--boy, was I wrong! The challenge involved answering a series of questions (seven in all) that forced you to expose what it is you hide and to find… Continue reading I Like Me For Me: Why I’m Embracing My Flaws

No Hair, Don’t Care

April 9, 2015 Today marks one year that I decided to shave my entire head: This wasn’t the first time I’d chopped my hair off (I'd been natural for two years prior), but this was definitely the most drastic thing I'd ever done. For this story’s sake, I'll paint a picture. Around this time last… Continue reading No Hair, Don’t Care