Happy 3rd Birthday, Manse!

Another year has gone by and my first born is a baby no longer! *cue the waterworks* While we didn't get to do much of anything I'd originally planned, I wanted to make the most of my little guy's special day. The plan was to have him come downstairs to a beautifully decorated dining and… Continue reading Happy 3rd Birthday, Manse!

The Coronavirus Of 2020: It's Not All About YOU

Outside of the general unease I feel towards COVID-19 and the pandemic we're all facing, I am livid. Livid at everyone who isn't taking this widespread threat seriously. Livid at comments made by my peers about being "young" and how it therefore doesn't affect them. Livid that our country isn't doing more to stop the… Continue reading The Coronavirus Of 2020: It's Not All About YOU