6 Super Fun Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts for Kids

February is here, and in our household, that means bring on the Valentine's Day crafts! I enjoy coming up with my own ideas, but there are times when I don't feel all that creative. And let's be real -- who doesn't love Pinterest?? I always turn to this app when I want to feel inspired,… Continue reading 6 Super Fun Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts for Kids

Happy 3rd Birthday, Manse!

Another year has gone by and my first born is a baby no longer! *cue the waterworks* While we didn't get to do much of anything I'd originally planned, I wanted to make the most of my little guy's special day. The plan was to have him come downstairs to a beautifully decorated dining and… Continue reading Happy 3rd Birthday, Manse!

Easter Lockdown 2020

I've never been the overly-religious type, but some of my fondest memories are centered around spending the holy-days with my family. This year was a bit different -- #quarantinelife -- but I wanted to make the most of it for my children. I had originally planned to take them on an Easter egg hunt in… Continue reading Easter Lockdown 2020

Single Mama of Two: New Territory

I would have never predicted that I'd be raising two kids -- let alone babies -- as a single mama. (But let's be fair...who could predict such a thing?) Growing up, I had plenty of exposure to single mothers and their children. The fathers weren't in the picture for one reason or another, but I… Continue reading Single Mama of Two: New Territory

Manse’s 2nd Birthday: Disney’s Cars

With Manse’s 3rd birthday right around the corner (…seriously, where does the time go?), I thought I’d revisit his 2nd birthday party! After having his 1st birthday plans ruined by the weather, I wanted to go all out with this one. His obsession at the time was Disney’s Cars (still is, really) and he thoroughly… Continue reading Manse’s 2nd Birthday: Disney’s Cars