“Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy” : The Job Hunt

July 8, 2015 A few months have passed since graduation, and I’ve found it discouragingly difficult to land a job in my desired field. Just when it seems that my writing and credentials have opened the door to my dream job, the subsequent interview ends up slamming said door right in my face. I find… Continue reading “Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy” : The Job Hunt

Loved & Lost: Overcoming the Pain of Breaking Up

June 23, 2015 I have now been accepted as a Contributing Writer for MOGUL Inc.! I am overwhelmed with joy at the opportunities my love of writing has provided me. And surely, this is only the beginning! Still, I will never consider writing to be "work," for my desire to write is like an unquenchable… Continue reading Loved & Lost: Overcoming the Pain of Breaking Up

I Like Me For Me: Why I’m Embracing My Flaws

Henrik Purienne

  I recently participated in an Instagram challenge titled "#exPOSEyourself." I expected it to be all about yoga, posing, and posting photos just like every other one I've done--boy, was I wrong! The challenge involved answering a series of questions (seven in all) that forced you to expose what it is you hide and to find… Continue reading I Like Me For Me: Why I’m Embracing My Flaws

What Will A Longstanding, Unfailing Passion For Writing Get You? Published

I am excited to say that I am today’s featured writer of the blog, “What Inspires Your Writing?” I would like to take the opportunity to thank Tim for sharing and believing in my work. Check out his website! Submit today for a chance at having your work featured.

What Inspires Your Writing?

Apparently, crystals were falling from the sky the day Shana Antoine was born. For the uninitiated, that’s snow, as she’s quick to clarify. At this point it should be apparent that she was born to be a writer, but Shana recalls a particularly memorable fourth-grade assignment that should leave no doubt. Her English teacher had asked everyone in the class to write a one-page story using some of the words they had just learned. Well, long after everyone else had handed in their single sheets of paper, here comes Shana lugging a ten-page tome?but one the teacher was so impressed with that she asked Shana to put it into book form for display in the school library.

And that was just the beginning. Since then, this party-girl-turned-yogi has had her work published in Thought Catalog and Elite Daily, and the list is growing.

Read on for a beautifully written…

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Bon Appétit: My Visit To La Bonne Crêpe

May 6, 2015 Breakfast. I can't really say that I'm a big fan of the "first meal of the day." But what I can say is that a complete, satisfying breakfast every now and again does the soul some good. I don't mean having a muffin or a bowl of cereal while on-the-go before bustling your… Continue reading Bon Appétit: My Visit To La Bonne Crêpe

No Hair, Don’t Care

April 9, 2015 Today marks one year that I decided to shave my entire head: This wasn’t the first time I’d chopped my hair off (I'd been natural for two years prior), but this was definitely the most drastic thing I'd ever done. For this story’s sake, I'll paint a picture. Around this time last… Continue reading No Hair, Don’t Care

Becoming One

April 9, 2015 A fuchsia-tinted vehicle operated by a woman presumably in her early thirties honks frighteningly at me. I turn and meet the gaze of the driver, her eyes widened at what might have happened had she not been paying attention. She swerves, but continues on her path. I reunite with the sidewalk, wary… Continue reading Becoming One