Quick tips: New Year’s resolutions

Choosing the right New Year’s resolutions can be tough — especially if you’re like me where a good 20% to 30% of them don’t always pan out. Last year, I had a list of 15 and only accomplished 9 (which isn’t too bad, actually). I’ve learned, though, that it’s probably best to focus on goals that are attainable, not the grandiose dreams that may or may not happen in the span of 365 days. Here’s my take on choosing the right resolutions and making sure you achieve them.

1. Pick something practical.

What’s the point of having a resolution if it’s not doable? The thing about resolutions is when you actually accomplish something you set your mind to, it feels good. But what happens when you don’t? Maybe you’re not in a position to become a millionaire by the end of 2023 as a result of your debts. But you can decide to start paying those off, saving and building budgets that will get you there eventually. So maybe that looks more like “open a high-yield savings account” or “invest 15% of my salary each month.” That first step is nearly as, if not more, important than the end result. Set a goal that is feasible, specific and meaningful to you.

2. Map it out.

How will you accomplish that goal? Well, it does help to have a reminder! Writing down your resolutions and placing them within sight is one way to keep you on track, simply because if it’s in your face, you can’t unsee it. Jot them down in your planner or write each goal on a sticky note and place them on your wall or ceiling. I saw this cute idea on Instagram about celebrating each time you take down a note upon completion — who doesn’t like a little positive reinforcement?

Taking notes on how you will achieve your goal is next. What actionable steps will you take to hold yourself accountable? What hurdles might come up along the way? How will these short-term resolutions help you accomplish your longer-term goals, farther down the road? What’s the reward? Answering these questions lets you develop a solid plan, along with an A, B and C, if you need it, to make sure those targets get checked by the end of the year.

3. Get it done!

As many of us know, starting these resolutions oftentimes is much easier than following through with them (hence the jokes about gyms and not taking up the regulars’ space). It helps to have a goal that’s measurable. If you can keep track of the amount of weight you lose (or gain), the number of books you read or the trips you take — all that can help build confidence in yourself and your capacity to meet the goals you choose, big and small. And who says you have to do them alone? Having supporters — be it loved ones, a Facebook group or even like-minded individuals that might want to join in some of those goals with you — can make a huge difference in holding you to your word.

Remember: We’re all in this together, even if our resolutions vary person to person. Growth is a common aspiration among us all — and if no one’s told you already, you got this!

Happy New Year. ♡

2 thoughts on “Quick tips: New Year’s resolutions”

  1. Mapping out our goals is so important. It’s not enough to simply point to a goal without charting the path to get there. Else it’s just going to be a goal we stare at without actually doing anything to get there. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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