Happy 3rd Birthday, Manse!

Another year has gone by and my first born is a baby no longer!

*cue the waterworks*

While we didn’t get to do much of anything I’d originally planned, I wanted to make the most of my little guy’s special day. The plan was to have him come downstairs to a beautifully decorated dining and living room featuring one of his favorite television series. I stayed up all the night the eve of his birthday, blowing balloons, hanging streamers, and prepping for the surprise of his soon-to-be-three-year-old life.

His birthday theme last year was Disney’s Cars, but Manse’s new obsession is Go! Go! Cory Carson (check it out on Netflix)! The series is relatively new, therefore I couldn’t find a Cory Carson shirt for him. I decided to design one of my own — close enough!

I chose Earth & Sugar for our cake this time. Not only did they do a superb job with my daughter’s birthday cake — they had a pre-designed option that so perfectly fit the theme of this special event! Funfetti cake layered with cream cheese frosting and vanilla buttercream was the obvious choice for my little sprinkle lover.

The kids and I started the day with a pre-recorded montage of birthday wishes featuring our closest relatives — oh, the times we live in — and some dancing. I covered Manse’s eyes with a blindfold and brought him downstairs to show him what I’d been brewing up all night! The three of us enjoyed pizza, cookies, a movie, and coloring activities. I couldn’t think up a more perfect way to celebrate our Manse! Despite the quarantine and having to stay away from family and friends, we made the most of our situation.

“This is the best amazing birthday ever!” was his most-repeated phrase, and his smiles solidified the sentiment. We did hide-and-seek, opened gifts, and spent the next morning playing with them all. A week or so later, we were watching BabyFirst TV when we saw that Manse had been featured this month (see below)! This birthday was definitely one for the books. ♡

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