Easter Lockdown 2020

I’ve never been the overly-religious type, but some of my fondest memories are centered around spending the holy-days with my family. This year was a bit different — #quarantinelife — but I wanted to make the most of it for my children.

I had originally planned to take them on an Easter egg hunt in Palm Beach and present them with their own personalized Easter baskets. Understandably so, both of those plans fell through. But after quickly fumbling through last-minute ideas — should I order plastic eggs and host a hunt of my own? boil eggs? dress up as a bunny and surprise them?? — I decided to support one of my favorite local businesses by purchasing one of their cookie decorating kits.

We attended Easter mass in our living room, decked out in our finest assortment of pajamas. Topped off the morning with dancing, breakfast, and a whole lot of cuddles. Soon after, I brought out the cookies. The kids were excited, to say the least, to decorate their own desserts. And the best part was gobbling up our creations!

To wrap up the holiday, my parents made their rounds to each of our homes with full, mouthwatering platters of food! Though we as an extended family could not spend the day together all thanks to the pandemic, my mom wanted us to enjoy the same meal at least, no matter how many walls or miles apart. When my mom and dad entered the garage with masked faces and warm hearts, I wanted nothing more than to jump up and embrace them.

Despite all that is going on with the world, we as a family created our own sunshine on the cloudiest Easter Sunday. Happy Resurrection Day to all. ♰

2 thoughts on “Easter Lockdown 2020”

    1. You’re so sweet, Sheila — I always look forward to your comments. Thank you so much! I hope you had a wonderful Easter as well. ❤


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