Locking Up, Toning Down

August 23, 2016


A month and six days to date, I decided to grow dreadlocks.

Well I actually decided over 10 years ago that I’d embrace twisties when I turned 30, but just like many other things in life, things didn’t go as planned.

But do they ever?

I’ve slowly begun to recognize how weird the 20s actually are. And as a 20something with more than enough stresses on my belt–work (or the lack thereof), relationships, family, friends, etc.–I couldn’t let hair become one of them. So I cut my wait five years short and here I am.

One could argue that I possess an itching desire to look like my mother:


I mean, my dad gave me his face so maybe I could channel her through my tresses. I’ll take the hot bod genes too while we’re at it. I mean seriously…


But I think it has a lot more to do with stability. Dreadlocks require little manipulation to be healthy, to grow. Unaffected by the weather, the times and combs, the strands that make up each lock bond to show that there is power in numbers. Leave them alone (for the most part), and they will flourish. Clearly, there’s tons of positivity radiating from this hairstyle.

I can feel it.

I’ve undergone some big changes as of late: leaving a job I adored and another not so much, moving to a new city, starting a new chapter with the love of my life, and kick starting my own business. My ‘locks will serve as a reminder to stay grounded. Be tough. Go with the flow. And continue to bloom like the flower/writer/starter/yogini/baker/weirdo I am. As previously mentioned, I’ve always been one to experiment with new styles.

That, and I’m just over doing my hair.


© Scappiamo, 2015

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