Loved & Lost: Overcoming the Pain of Breaking Up

June 23, 2015

Loved & Lost

I have now been accepted as a Contributing Writer for MOGUL Inc.!

I am overwhelmed with joy at the opportunities my love of writing has provided me. And surely, this is only the beginning! Still, I will never consider writing to be “work,” for my desire to write is like an unquenchable hunger that I must continue to feed. And man, do I crave it.

Click here to read my latest article on breakups and how to cope with the pain that accompanies each one.

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9 thoughts on “Loved & Lost: Overcoming the Pain of Breaking Up”

  1. Wow. I really needed this right now 😦 The section that helped me the most was the social media stalking problem. Seeing him leave flattering comments on other girls’ profiles and uploading photos of his parties with them would always tear the wound even wider…and yet, like you, I couldn’t resist the urge to click on his links and figure out what else he’s up to. Ugh.
    Thank you so much Shana for such a timely and comforting article. It’s about time to move forward!

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