Henrik Purienne

I Like Me For Me: Why I’m Embracing My Flaws



I recently participated in an Instagram challenge titled “#exPOSEyourself.” I expected it to be all about yoga, posing, and posting photos just like every other one I’ve done–boy, was I wrong!

The challenge involved answering a series of questions (seven in all) that forced you to expose what it is you hide and to find ways to combat those insecurities. Naturally, my participation inspired me to write.

We are unique and beautiful in our very own ways. It’s about time we start flaunting it! I hope that by reading the piece, people everywhere will be reminded of this, especially when our minds are apt to telling us the opposite. We are, after all, our toughest critics.

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4 thoughts on “I Like Me For Me: Why I’m Embracing My Flaws”

  1. The article is absolutely relatable and accurate, so much, that I felt like it was written all about me! I have the exact same problem with my breast size and weight, and people have also asked about how confident I feel about my smile, which often results to be embarrassing, considering that, in my case, my teeth are not straight at all. (A.K.A “Buck tooth”) But I sincerely enjoyed your article Shana, because it’s tone of voice was very comforting and the argument convincing. We must embrace our flaws because that is what makes us special and beautiful.
    Thank you very much Shana. You don’t know how much this has helped me feel better about myself!

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    1. I am so thrilled that you were touched by this article! It does help to know that you’re not alone: we’re all fighting the negative effects of body image. While you and I may have had trouble accepting our smaller boobs, others find difficulty in coping with their larger set.

      But you’re stunning, darling! Don’t ever let that mind or anyone else tell you otherwise. 🙂

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