Knock ’em Down

May 14, 2015


“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.”

-Andrew Murphy

When I (truly) began my yoga journey, the biggest struggle I faced was learning to balance. I could not get into a headstand for the life of me: I crashed into the wall, the floor, and my face. It just wasn’t happening.

When your mind is racing—you’re constantly judging yourself and your (in)abilities; you’re not mindfully present because you cannot refrain from thinking of the past and future; you compare yourself to others and their successes/failures when in reality, we are all on unique journeys that follow separate timelines—of course it’s nearly impossible to find that inner balance. And consequently, you won’t get into any of those poses.

That was my problem.

When you tell yourself “I can’t” or “I won’t,” those phrases become your reality. You are automatically limiting yourself. You created those walls, and you have just as much power in you to knock those motherf@*!ers down. It was only when I let go of that mentality that I was able to keep my head steady enough so that I may stand on it.

But of course, I am still learning. No one said this stuff happens overnight.

© Scappiamo, 2015


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